quilt reconstruction part 2


Remember a few weeks ago when I cut my husband’s favorite quilt?  I need more fabric to make a full quilt.  So I cut up this quilt also.  I made this quilt over 2o years ago.  It was either my first or second quilt.  It originally was a large-scale pansy made out of one patch. The patchwork part wore out first.  I covered it with t-shirt pieces somewhat successfully.  However, it was still pretty worn.  The back and the frame are in pretty good shape, one of the benefits of using a sheet for the back- probably a poly blend.  There are a couple of small splits on the bottom and I hate the way I did the binding. But I am left with considerable quilt to work with.

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We as a family are in a waiting time.  Both boys are starting new schools this fall and the energy is one of excitement mixed with nervousness. I am working very hard on the blog book which cuts into my sewing time.  It seems I have a limited amount of creativity. 

Yesterday I did some real thinking.  I realized that I was tired of making the little strip squares.  I suddenly wondered how many I had made.  I have made nearly 150.  I decided that was enough.

Then I laid out a sample.


Wow! For once my picture is better than the actuality. I can’t manage to keep them sorted in any meaningful way beside basic color in this size.  I decided to sew them in groups of four, then lay them out to see what I have.

As I was sitting in my sewing room, bored of making these squares my gaze fell on this quilt:DSC04670

Several months ago I determined that this quilt was unmendable in its current form.  However, there are several sections that I really like:

DSC04671 DSC04672

There are two quilts here: the parts I Iike and the parts that have emotional resonance with my husband, mainly the t-shirts.  The third part is too worn to be salvaged.  So I cut it up:


More to come

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four colors now


So, I have started on blue.  I have decidedly more green than any other color which is odd because I have less green fabric.  Right now the squares are very disparate.  I thought that size and shape would be enough to unify them, but I am not completely sure of that now.

In any case, they are fun to make.  After blue, I think I will be nearly half way there: purple, brown, yellow, orange and white left.

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What a difference a trim makes


Found my rotary cutter, yay!

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what’s happening


I can’t remember if I showed you this block.  It is the first one I completed for the friendship quilt I am working on with my friend, Veronica. This photo from 123rf.com was the inspiration:

Petiole pattern of Traveller s Palm Stock Photo - 17205035

We have more layering to add.  I am working on another leaf pattern now.


Yes, the ducky quilt is done, but for binding!


And this is a new project.  It is my birthday skirt, bought with my birthday money and gift cards (thank you!).  I have it cut and waiting to begin.  Hopefully, next weekend.




There’s a writing saying that what ever your  favorite part of the story is you should take it out.  Such is this quilt: completely built around this idea of the ducky and despite my best intention the ducky doesn’t fit anywhere.  Alas, poor ducky, you are resigned to the back of the quilt.  You didn’t make the cut.  Next time try to kick harder, practice harder. You’ll be a star!

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February get it done wrap up

I really want to get done in February:

1) Finish piecing Ducky quilt frame blocks.

I did technically do this, however since I decided not to use those blocks, it is not done.

2) Finish dress.


Yes, complete (except I need to find or fashion a belt)!

3) Mend grandmother’s utility quilt.

Made progress but not complete.

4) Sew frame blocks together.

Fail, see 1.

Things I seriously hope to get done:

1) Nook Cover (poor naked nook)


Yes, done!

2) Quilt first frame side.

Fail, see 1.

3) Quilt second frame side.

Fail, see 1.

4) Attach first frame panel to quilt.

Fail, see 1.

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Nook and mp3 covers


Yes, I have been meaning now since Christmas, when I got the big surprise of this Nook, to make a cover for it and my little mp3 player.  I had been meaning to make it out of the fat beautiful quarters group I was also given for Christmas but I wasn’t feeling that fabric.  I still had some quilted pieces left over from this quilt:


So I put them together to make these two small covers.  My favorite part is the strap.  I will definitely be making more objects like this.  I already have another quilt to deconstruct after I finish the queue of projects I have right now.

Getting it Done – February!

I really want to get done in February:
1) Finish piecing Ducky quilt frame blocks.
2) Finish dress.
3) Mend grandmother’s utility quilt.
4) Sew frame blocks together.

Things I seriously hope to get done:
1) Nook Cover (poor naked nook)
2) Quilt first frame side.
3) Quilt second frame side.
4) Attach first frame panel to quilt.

Getting It Done – January!

I’m pretty proud of myself to the progress I have made this month!

So for January I really want to get done:

1. Get the background of the center part of the Ducky quilt pieced. Done!


2. Get the flowers appliqued to the center part of the Ducky quilt. Done!


3. Pick a pattern and fabric for my first garment of the year. Done!


4. Finish mending the t-shirt quilt.  This I have to admit I didn’t get done.  I decided that quilt was unmendable and would have to be cut up and reassembled.  Instead I mended this quilt.


Things I seriously hope to get done:

1. Get the center part of the Ducky quilt basted. Done!

2. Get the center part of the Ducky quilt quilted. Done!


3. make a nook cover - This I didn’t get done. Sigh!

4. get the fabric for my first garment of the year cut. Done!

All in all, I am happy with my progress.  Later today I will have my list for February!


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