There’s a writing saying that what ever your  favorite part of the story is you should take it out.  Such is this quilt: completely built around this idea of the ducky and despite my best intention the ducky doesn’t fit anywhere.  Alas, poor ducky, you are resigned to the back of the quilt.  You didn’t make the cut.  Next time try to kick harder, practice harder. You’ll be a star!

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2013 goals and dreams

I decided that even though Judy won’t be doing the ufo projects, I wanted a list of goals and dreams for 2013. So I have a three-part list, the first part is garments:
1. I plan to make four garments for myself this year one per season.
2. I also have some pieced fabric that I want to make a garment out of possibly a robe.

The second part is UFOs.

3. Ducky quilt.  I want to get this one done by spring for sure, but I would love to get it done by February.

4. City chicken quilt.

5. Country chicken quilt.

6. Angel quilt

7. crossstitch project
8. grandma’s cathedral windows

The third part is mending:

1. Fish quilt
2. t-shirt quilt
3. wedding ring quilt
4. my winter coat
5. Patchwork quilt
6. green pants

Getting it done

I’m following along with Judy’s Getting it Done project at Patchwork Times.

So for January I really want to get done:

1. Get the background of the center part of the Ducky quilt pieced.

2. Get the flowers appliqued to the center part of the Ducky quilt.

3.  Pick a pattern and fabric for my first garment of the year.

4.  Finish mending the t-shirt quilt

Things I seriously hope to get done:

1.  Get the center part of the Ducky quilt basted.

2.  Get the center part of the Ducky quilt quilted.

3. make a nook cover

4. get the fabric for my first garment of the year cut.

So here we go!

busy busy busy

Pastor gave a great sermon last week about leisure.  I hope to apply it to my life shortly.  I’m thinking next week.  This week is crazy busy: super big and complicated 8th grade homework, new mortgage, our first high school tour, extra hours at my second job, special meetings at my first job, and a crazy promise to a boy that I would make him a robe for Halloween.  Actually, the robe is my favorite part of the week.  It is turning out great.  I have high expectations that it will be finished by Halloween and successful as a robe.  So far, everything else is chugging along, too.  Unfortunately, my writing gets the short end of the stick this week, but at least you know still alive and kicking.

garden update

So the gardens are full swing.  The one above is Eliott’s.  He is doing a great job of keeping it neat and well watered.

Here’s mine.  Not quite so neat, and pretty dry.

Here is our first little pumpkins, so cute!

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clean studio

We’re having a few friends over and so I cleaned my studio.  unfortunately, my studio is not an out-of-the-way space that I can just close the door to in the summer, in order to get to the back yard from the house you have to get through it.  Since I never do anything in an efficient order, first I refolded all of my large fabrics, and folded the small ones into 4 inch squares.

Then, I covered my pop bottle scrap wall with this pretty scarf.  It will be nice to work in a clean sharp organized studio next week.

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Grandmother’s flower quilt – July ufo wrap up, advice for satin quiltmakers

Here it is – finished! Done and delivered to the bride and groom on their wedding weekend no less.  Now, to come clean:

Yes, I was sewing in the car on the way to the wedding, but I was done by the time we got to St. Cloud so really only an hour and half: I had 7 more hours to spare.

Yes, I switched the numbers of my ufos for July to make sure I would get it finished in time.  I have never done that before but drastic times call for drastic measures.

Anyway, when I was ready to add the batt and back, I did an internet search for satin quilts and found nothing, so I am putting my experience out there for what it worth.  If you are thinking of making a satin quilt, reconsider.  Most satin is not machine washable, and slips and slides quite a bit.  If you really want to do it, using a paper piecing method like grandmother’s flowers pattern is actually a pretty successful way to use satin.  The paper keeps it in place while it is being sewn together.  When you are ready to baste your quilt sandwich together, do not use the iron on batt.  It is impossible to get the iron hot enough with satin, and it shifts like nothing else.  A better choice, (which I thought of after I had already done this one) is to pin at the intersections of the patchwork, this will help minimize any pin marks. I would also not leave the pins in very long, so try to immediately quilt.  Otherwise, you could hand baste still in the intersections.  I think I would also consider putting the top together using an old sheet as a lining, then adding the batt and back, or alternately using an old sheet on the top of the back and batt and securing that part before adding the top.  I wonder if I would have had less slippage.

For grandmother’s flowers, as I said before, these can be put together more than one way, so if you are making a big lump of them, sew them together one by one, don’t sew them together several at a time.

I am happy with the way it turned out and my sister and her husband were really excited about it.

Little free library

My neighbor just opened a little free library.  Now, if you don’t know about this movement check out their website at Little Free Library.  Essentially you buy or build a small box about the size of a bread box. Then it’s like the “leave a penny, take a penny”,  but with books!  In other words, if you see a book you like take it, return it if you like when you are done or put different one in.

Our neighbor had a little party with cookies and lemonade for the grand opening.  Many neighbors came down to bring books and take books home.  I traded Swiss Family Robinson and Eastern Mushrooms for Girl with a Pearl Earring and Trout Country.  Steve also donated a copy of his book: How I met Van and Numan Future, Present and Past: Or my first impression of the future by So Cal Punk. It was a great evening of visiting with neighbors who are obviously readers!

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hot, hot, hot

It is supposed to get to 92 F here today.  Hot!  For that reason, and also because I’m not ready to show my WIP (not for long WIP) yet, I am not going to post much.  For you that live near me:

Stay cool!

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public service announcement

So, if you were reading this blog for a while, you will know I had an eye injury a couple months ago.  Since then I noticed that my pupils were often different sizes.  Now, all I know about different sized pupils is that if your child has a head injury you should check if his pupils are the same size, and if not the same size it is very, very bad.  So based on that I thought:

A. I injured my eye and hurt my pupil in some way that will force me to have surgery.

B. I am crazy and I can’t tell what size my pupils are.

C. I have some kind of crazy tumor.

D.  My pupils were always different sized, and I never noticed it before because I really didn’t spend a lot of time gazing into my eyes until I hurt my eyes.

So, because it was driving me nuts, I went back to the eye doctor.  First, he ruled out B.  This was actually quite a relief, because it is really my go-to diagnosis for anything: “there is actually nothing wrong, it is all in my head”.  By the way, he did this by using a tiny ruler card.  Science is so awesome.

Then, he ruled out A, by turning shining lights in my eyes repeatly until I had a headache.  This also ruled out C in his opinion, because my eyes functioned correctly.  So, yes, D is the correct answer: my pupils are not the same size most of the time.

Here is the proof:This is a close up of my eyes from January 3, 2011.  Great red eye, huh?  Anyway, the left eye is 55 pixels wider than the right eye.  Scientific proof from the past.

So here’s my announcement:

Take the time to look at your eyes and your kids’ eyes.  If you or a family member are one of the dilated differently (the p.c. way of saying it), then you will know in case you hurt your eye or your head or whatever.  Trust me, it will make you less crazy in the future.

Happy Mother’s Day, especially you, my own awesome Mom!!! Miss you!

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