March UFO, February report

For March:

March – Christmas Santa quilt – this is just an idea I have. I haven’t started on it at all.

I have decided not to do this quilt. I am not feeling it. Instead I am getting some covers done for my camping pads.

I did get a considerable amount of squares done for the corduroy quilt. I went from about 60 squares to 100 and I have about 20 more in progress.

Corduroy quilt

February’s UFO is a corduroy quilt I have been working on at least 4 years on and off. Generally, I use it as my ender/leader quilt but I would like to really make some progress.

I have about 63 six inch squares completed. I want to get up to about 120 squares. This would give me a six food by five food quilt. At this time, I don’t know how I will quilt it, although I am leaning toward a polar fleece back because the corduroy is so thick.

I already love how it looks like light and shadow. Yellow is one of my favorite colors because it is the only color that is intense at a very light shade. I am hoping it looks like sunshine on the water or leaves on the pavement.

More to come…

new year, old year clean up- UFOs

In an attempt to create more work and hold myself more accountable, I created a UFO (unfinished object list) for 2022. The list follows, with the month I plan to focus on the projects. The goal is not to finish all those projects, although I expect that some of them I will be able to complete, but instead to push them forward and refocus on my creativity.

January – Christmas gift exchange 2022 (really going to get this done early this year)

February – corduroy quilt. Been working on this forever.

March – Christmas Santa quilt – this is just an idea I have. I haven’t started on it at all.

April – Butterfly embroidery quilt – I have started this quilt. I have a bunch handmade embroidery from my mother in law, aunts, and grandmother that I am integrating into this quilt.

May – Angel wings repair – I have some little resin angels that the wings are broken so I want to fix them.

June – Polar fleece tunic- I have the fabric for this I just need to cut and sew.

July – Paul’s quilt- I have this mostly pieced – just need to put together and quilt.

August – new secret gift quilt- can’t say much about this one, it a secret.

September – velvet skirt- this is partially done, just needs a waist band and hem.

October – Rag rugs- this is an ongoing project to use up selvages.

November – square quilt – this one I have been working on the side so it will be nice to get some traction.

December – lanyard – want to make another batch of these for myself and maybe to sell.

I am also setting a goal of writing a post every month and this list will give me a starting point.

Happy New Year!

new projects

Several projects that I have been slowly working on.  This first one is near my heart.  It is corduroy and so far just two fabrics, one my husband’s old shirt and one my sister gave me.


It is a wonky log cabin.  It is so much more successful than this block that I was also playing with:


Several errors here. Since is it was play I probably won’t redo it.  I was frustrated with it because it caused a lot thinking to put it together.  Someone with more patience than me would need to put a whole quilt of this pattern together. I get so much more enjoyment out of the wonky blocks instead of trying to force the pattern.

The last one is a bag I am making.  I just have a vague idea of how this will go together but I love the trajectory:




update on two projects


The bears have their frames, next up the decision on how to bring them all together into one quilt.  I had one really nice lay out, but the quilt ends up being orientated landscape. Whenever I make a quilt with a landscape layout it always seams a little wrong.

I really wanted to frame the embroidery to showcase them. I am proud that, unusual for me, I made samples to make the decision of what color ought frame the little bears without overwhelming them.  I settled on the lavender/blue fabric that is shown above framing the bears and below to the far right.  This is different palette for me, usually I love bright colors, especially for baby quilts.  All of my primary color samples overshadowed the delicate embroidery.


I have used only stash fabric for this quilt so far.  For the blue, I had exactly enough; I only had to piece one little strip at the very end.  I was holding my breath while I sewed the last set.  Someone must be watching over me (is it Lou?), because I have had that fabric for a while and it would have been difficult to match.

The blue quilt is now officially a flimsy, ready for quilting. Steve calls it “homey” and I guess it is with its unusual mix of fabric.  It is a real stash quilt with every blue and green fabric in my stash in it. It really glowed when I photographed it.


We had to go down to Burnsville, so on the way I ran into the new SR Harris and picked up this lovely for the back:


It captures all the colors of the quilt and will hide a multitude of flaws in my quilting.

blue quilt update

It has definitely been a long and stressful summer, much good, some bad. I forgot what it was like to be 16 years old and 21 years old, but this summer I re-experienced it. The road to adulthood is sometimes a bumpy ride. In any case, two weeks ago we cleaned out my sewing room to make room for my son. He has set up the space nicely. I have a large pile of materials in the basement to sort through yet. If I can manage to store it all, I will. However, I am getting rid of some things that I haven’t used for a long time such as my papermaking supplies.

Finally last night I got back to business and laid out this quilt. It is fairly large probably: 6 feet by 5 feet. I wasn’t able to photo it all but here is a sample.

blue quilt

I should easily be able to get the top together this week, then next week to the fabric store!

blue quilt update

This summer has been busy mostly good some bad…in any case as usual sewing is my relaxation and joy and escape. I am not so good this summer at documenting what I have been up to. I have been slowly working on this blue quilt in the background, cutting squares while watching tv, sewing and pressing. I have finished a few blocks now and feel like I am on the down hill, at least with the top.


The fabric already is infused with memory. A friend at work gave me the Christmas and snowflake fabric, the blue flowers are from my aunt.


The butterfly fabric on this one is from my niece’s quilt, and the little all over flower on the bottom right is my from my aunt.

I have fabric from my grandmother on the Porter side, too, but those blocks aren’t done. It feels good to move forward, and as I remind myself- every time I sew them together, my number of seams halves.

new work

A lot going on here… Paul got an internship that has turned our schedule upside down. If you have time during 8-3:30 pm you might be able to listen to him online. – He is having a great time learning about radio announcing.

I have been busy, but it is slow going- especially taking the time to document here. Here is my first step with the teddy bear picnic quilt:DSC05285

This is framed with some fabric that I got from my aunt.

Now for something completely different. Natalie Chanin recommends samples to learn stitches, and to make design decision. She makes them up into a quilt in the end. I don’t know if I will go that far, but here is my first sample. I will show you the garment that I ended using the techniques soon- it is finished and the sample was helpful.DSC05284