1st entry

Well, I have entered the private public world of blogging. Private because in the mass of blogs that exist, audience-less, public because it could potentially have an audience, could catch.  So I send it out into the void of the cyber world.
So what is my goal with this blog?  I think I want it to be a journal, and especially, a way to organize my mind in preparation for my precious studio time.  I have blocked off Saturday as my studio day with all morning as studio time.
So this Saturday I plan to:
finish my first t-shirt bra
start a Hawaiian shirt quilt
finish Paul’s hand-me-down pants
recopy three poems that I wrote on cotton bond with my fountain pens
Here’s a brief description of the projects:
T-shirt bra
This a sports bra I cut from two of Steve’s old t-shirts.  I made sure to center the decals so it looks intentional.  I just need to sew the elastic on so this is very close to completion.
Hawaiian shirt quilt
I plan to make a quilt from three Hawaiian shirts of Steve.  I love the fabric.  I hope to get the fabric ripped into 9 inch strips.
Paul’s hand-me-down pants
Steve gave me a pair of black pants that I cut down for Paul.  I have these cut out, but they need to be sewn together.