Wow!  I have been doing stuff, just not taking the time to record it.  I copied my poetry and wrote some more.  I started a new project, a purse.  I had some tapestry weave denim jeans that V. gave me.  They were tan and I didn’t care for the color.  I overdyed them with black and they turned a greyish tan, still not a color I liked.  On Saturday, I painted the fabric with burnt sienna acrylic.  With the texture and the ground color it ended up looking like leather.  I cut it in a really unusual shape, reminiscent of a jester’s hat, very medieval.  I don’t yet know what kind of strap to put on it but it looks really good.  It used almost the whole tube of paint, I really saturated it.  I’m hoping to get some photos up, for once I took some.