new sewing machine

I bought a new used sewing machine a  Singer 99.  It is a 3/4 size machine.  I thought it might be a featherweight but it is not.  I really love it.   It sews great, although it is a guilty pleasure because I could have used some new clothes.  I did get some new clothes: 3 pairs of pants.  One pair of corduroys, one rayon/nylon and one pair of blue jeans with silver snaps at the hems. 
I also bought a quilting hoop which I hopefully will get up to speed tomorrow for my quilt as you go.  I have been using the new machine to work on the block.  It is doing a smashing good job.

New quilt

It is not really a new quilt.  I found these partly finished quilt blocks that I had made a long time ago.  On Saturday, it was warm enough to put in a few hours in my sewing room.  I worked for almost 3 hours with no interruptions. I thought my kids were sick.  Anyway, it was nice Christmas gift.  I finished one block and made a decision on how to finished the rest.  I decided to hand quilt them as blocks.  I have machine quilted blocks alone and then stitched them after so it isn’t the first time.  However, it is the first time I will have hand-quilted them.
My mom gave me some wonderful new beads and a new organizer box. I spent a few happy hours yesterday sorting beads. I’m thinking that I may use them on the quilt.