busy weekend

I got so much done this weekend.  I got the fabric that was holding me up for the orange and green quilt so now I am almost done piecing the green blocks.
Also, cut out some more hexigons to baste for paper piecing and made some strips for the red quilt to finish joining the squares.
On Friday, I did two t-shirt cut downs.  I had three nice t-shirts from Steve that I thought I could cut down for Paul.  Two went very well, I only sewed one seam inside out for the neck and I just topstitched it down like I meant to do that, yeah, it is decorative.  They really look good.  The third as I was cutting it out I saw some stains.  I thought I would just sew it inside out because they didn’t show through.  Then I sewed the front and back together backwards.  I decided I was only going to make two shirts.
It was a wonderful weekend.


So went to the second Bernina lesson and it was much better.  I learned several useful things such as:
I bought the wrong feet for my machine/my purpose, so next week I will be exchanging them.
How to do a beautiful faux hand-picked hem on sheer fabrics.
How to do a super close edge stitch.
I am very tired today due to going last night, but excited.  I am going to be off work on Friday and I am looking forward to making some resized t-shirts for Paul.

sewing lessons

I started the Bernina lessons last night.  They are interesting.  I think I will learn some things although last night it was very little.  I’m sure as the weeks progress, I will learn a little more.
What I learned:
Store thread out of light and dust.
European threads are better. (Something to use my discount coupons for)
Pull the thread from the front of the machine not the back.
So – today I’m going to find some cans to put my best thread in a container.
I have quilted all of the squares for the red quilt.  I am very happy with it, although it is VERY random.  I call it crazy sampler journal.  I will get some photos up soon when Steve and I decide how they should go together.  If he can’t decide by Friday, I will decide and piece it.  Saturday am is my major sewing day.