I am just THINKING and THINKING about my lizard quilt.  I can’t wait to work on it.  I plan to get up very early tomorrow and work for most of the day on it, or as much as I can before everyone rises.  I am so excited. I made some sketches but I want to get some more books at the library to make sketches from.


I finished the red quilt last week.  I’m so excited.  Steve took many photos.  I showed some friends that we had over for a pre-thanksgiving dinner.  It is beautiful, although I am not as happy with it technically as I am with its beauty and meaning.
I got some fabric for the lizard quilt and it is progressing.  Steve and I found some beautiful batiks after almost destroying the quilting department by looking at every green, black and batik fabric there.  I ended up with a tan/ orange background batik with small brown lines all over that resemble branches.  It is not my orginal intention, dark green, but very functional and prettier.  I will be adding leaves and lizards, which I am very excited to start on.
I also sewed the pockets on the small tote bag I am making.  It was slow going because on Saturday I got caught up in the lizard quilt. Hopefully, on Thanksgiving, I will get more done. 
I have the photos at home, so I will soon be posting them.