I was sick all weekend.  I was very glad I chose not to go out-of-town or I would have completely been overwhelmed.  I did get a little work done.  I finished two ornaments that I had meant to give as Christmas presents, but that ship has sailed.  Anyway, I guess having a stash of finished projects for next year may not be a bad thing.  I will try to take photos.
I got some mending done for my kids and got some mending for myself started.  I got the patch pinned, but because of the way this blouse needs to be mended, I was too nervous to mend it.  It is knit blouse, black with a red velvet collar and red velvet covered buttons. I really wore it very little, but it was super comfortable, super dressy and super cute.  At the bottom near the overlock hem there is a tiny hole.  I have decided to mend it by laying a strip of velvet all the way around covering the stitching and the hole with a strip maybe 1/2 half inch wide.  I have not yet got my walking foot, so I’m a little nervous joining velvet to knit without stretching the knit.  Then I plan to slip stitch the top of the strip neatly and straightly.   That’s quite a bit of carefulness for a sick girl.

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