walking foot

S bought me a beautiful walking foot for the Bernina.  It works great.  I made a lovely PERFECT sample. I wish I had a top finished so I could quilt a huge grid.
I have some of Eliott’s quilt pieced. Slow going, mostly due to laziness. 
Paul is going to have the black, green and  red discharge quilt. I made this top over ten years ago when I was in college.  It is very awkwardly shaped. I plan to take it apart and reassemble it.

march already

Here it is the latest, coldest day of this century so far… not as bad as it sounds considering it is only 2009.  It’s been hard to keep myself going in this weather, however, I have made considerable progress.
I have a denim quilt, very influenced by Jude from Spirit Cloth that I am making for Eliott.  The blocks are done, but and now it just needs to be joined.  It’s beautiful, a subtle study in gradation.  I also put quite a bit of stitching.  It is ant-like, small trails and circles.  I will get the photos online soon.
I bought some dye and I’m planning on dyeing some fabric in the next few weeks.