I had a fabulous birthday.  Steve and my sister, Katie, planned a wonderful surprise.  All of my extended family and several friends gathered to surprise me and spend time with me.  It was so wonderful.  I feel so blessed and loved. 
I’ve been working on my clothing journal more than anything the past few days.  I have pieced the denim quilt for Eliott and added part of the first frame, dark blue flannel.  I spent a morning last week almost crying while I cut up my old worn out bathrobe for a third frame.   I bought it right after I had Eliott (now 15) so it has a lot of memories of when they were babies for me.  It is love worn.
I did some sorting and clearing out over the weekend.  I went through my handmade paper and found some drawings and sewn paper drawings.  I am trying to finish them in some way.