Eliott’s quilt is DONE!  I guess…
As you can see, I have doubts about it.  I love the small miminalist blocks with the hand stitching.  I love the stencilled stars and moons on the border.  I always like to have stars and moons on my quilts, and those in the border are not the only stars.  Lucky charms, I guess.  I am not as crazy about the handwritten areas.  I think in the future I will use a stencil or at the least a ruler to make anything written look more intentional.  I like the pockets and the letters and I don’t.  I feel like there were two quilts and I should have separated them. One quilt would have been minimalistic and the other one funky teenagerish. 
That all said there were many successes.  One part that I particularly liked was the binding.  I flipped the polar backing over the edge and zigzagged over it.  I also flipped the edge of the border over so the frayed part just emerged a tiny bit. It is very soft and warm, with the polar fleece backing and flannel border.  I chose not to add batting.  I kind of wish I had because the thick denim seams can be felt through the back.
I feel like I learned a lot from this quilt even though it was perhaps not my best work.  In a way, it was a sampler as all the denim quilts are. And I am on track to double the amount of quilts made in 2008, since it is only June and I have one done. YAY!
I have begun working on another, which I started in college in 1997.  I bleached black fabric with a wooden reverse to leave very blockish pattern.  I have framed each bleached piece with bright red flannel, mint green corduroy and now black corduroy of various wales. I should have photos soon.

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