new work

It has been a while since I wrote.  I was on vacation, and then busy catching up from vacation.  I have been working on small projects while I wait to get the fabric for my velvet coat. I thought of the coat on vacation from an image that I took out of a catalogue a couple of years ago for a wish list I had in the back of my wardrobing book. It is a long coat reaching mid-thigh with several silver buttons.  I found a burda pattern that is an exact match.  Now I need to find the fabric.  I found a gorgeous velvet at Treadle Yard goods in St Paul.  However, it would have cost me over 80 dollars!  I am too unsure of myself to commit that much money.  This weekend I may go to Mill End and see what they have.
I decided to only make my clothes for the next while and see how that goes.  I am nervous because it takes a long time to make a garment.  I am not the most patient person, but I want to create a wardrobe that perfectly reflects me.