last day

I made it through the whole month with only one small problem.  Awesome!  So where do I go from here.  I proved to myself that I do have time to write.  Now I have to continue that intention.  I don’t see myself writing every day, but I will try to write several times a week.
I am sad that my holiday is over.  Today I return to work slightly better rested. 

brown dyeing

The brown came out much better than the green.  I don’t know why but it didn’t occur to me to add some salt to the green.  I guess I thought it was already in there.  The brown is so much darker and prettier.
I got some filo dough at Joanne’s.  It took some real working, because it was a little dry. However, they came out nice.  I may bake them today, I am nervous about the smell.
The new sewing shop is really nice.  Her stock is really low, but very well-chosen.  Things are very reasonably priced.  I bought some sew-in interfacing for 1.90 a yard.  I noticed needles for 2.99.  Not as cheap as I get with a coupon from Joannes, but very do able when I think of the drive.

more silk squares

I’m going to check out the new sewing shop in my neighborhood.  It suddenly appeared just 10 blocks from here on Diamond Lake Road and Nicollet.  I will let you know how much I like it.  I’m sure I will: a fabric store within walking distance.

I am dyeing some clothes today.  I am dyeing them brown.  I hope some of them end up in my color palette.


I began working on this quilt yesterday.  It is made from several silk garments that I had, but didn’t want to wear.  The fabric is really flimsy and delicate, so I sewed it to this old sheet.  I love this old sheet.  It was from S’s grandmother and we used it until it ripped.  Then I used the old depression strategy of cutting it down the middle and resewing it together, but outside edges as center.  Still the fabric was too thin so I combined it with another sheet to make large patchwork sheet.  My husband didn’t like sleeping on the seams, and honestly it really was still too sheer to use so finally I bought some sheets.  (yes, I am cheap).  The fabric is still lovely because it is so well worn.  Here’s a picture of the back, and I like this as much as the front.
Then I used that same fabric to make this tiny quilt card.  It is called Winter Sunset.  I used that sheet again and a curtain that had shredded after slowly being faded unevenly by the sun.  All of the other fabric on this card is from the curtain so you can really see the changes from the fading.  Actually it is very gradual, and beautiful.  It reminds me of a quilt I wanted to make a long time ago called Purple Rain, that never quite came together.

happy thanksgiving!!

So today is a free day.  I am excited to get going. I have so many plans it is hard to decide what to do first.  I will probably work on the velvet jacket, but also, I plan to clean up my space.  Every boy in this family is asleep in the hay, so I have the place to myself, just me and my mice who are quiet right now too.  Silence is beautiful.
S will be making a wonderful dinner of sushi later, the boys’ favorite.  I will be contributing cream cheese wontons and wonton soup, my Asian especiallity and cocktail weanies.  A strange and wonderful meal.

ideas for colors

As I said I had my colors done a while ago.  I have been slowly working with them, weeding garments as I accept and so on.  I have been going through some fabric swatches to build up a lexicon of color.  Now that I have them sorted, I am about to begin to work with them, creating a second color chart, and possibly some collages with them.  Self portrait perhaps in color.  I will hopefully begin this tonight.
I am getting excited about working in my studio tomorrow and Saturday.  The luxury of having some time off is awesome!

book review expanding the scope

Since I have done nothing the past two days that has to do with craft, I will offer a book review.  I was thinking of starting a separate blog for books, but I really don’t want to have more than one thing going.
I just finished The World According to Garp by John Irving.  I actually really enjoyed it.  His tone is straight out of Kurt Vonnegut. The way he manipulates his characters also reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut, but without the science fiction. 
The thing that really struck me was the unfairness that Garp’s affairs gave him little punishment except the wrath of his wife, while his wife’s affair is brutally punished by the death of her child.  Why wasn’t Garp punished when he was unfaithful?   

not much

Yesterday was a down day.  We had a beautiful dinner with our best family friends.  It was lovely to see them but I spent the day cleaning.  It is a pleasure to have a clean house however.  On the downside, I made the sewing room even slightly more messy.
I am very tired today, but excited.  This week I am off of Friday, and I plan to fully enjoy having three work days in a row!

one day I really didn’t miss

My computer was broken, but I did write this yesterday.
I folded a pile of fabric last night as part of the clean out the studio process.  At various times, my studio has been neat but they are few and far between.  I have several things in there now that are irrelevant to my work now.  So when I can’t think of something more creative, I am going through piles and moving some stuff OUT.
I finally ironed the front two seams on the coat.  The one has some ironing errors.  I’m going to continue, but try to take that part to Victoria’s and use her steamer and see if it can be mended.  If not, I will have to decide whether to recut it or distress the whole jacket.
Yesterday which is SATURDAY WORK DAY, my favorite, I played around quite a bit.  I did get a second seam basted on the coat.  I also realized that I needed to put interfacing in the hem all the way around.  I learn something every time I work on the coat.  I am very confused about the way the back vent goes together.  I decided to put it off into the future and perhaps it will make more sense.  After all, now I have to add interfacing to all of the hems and that will take considerable time.
Also, I cut out some hexigons for a grandmother’s flower garden quilt that I am working on.  I’ve been working on it forever.  It is all satins and I must have 30 some odd flowers.  I want to use up all the satin I have before I quit.  I have a ways to go. 
I made some small origami boxes from old Chistmas cards.  It was a very successful day.


I am finding some time to work.  Every night my son has several hours of homework.  While he is doing that, I have been crafting.  So last night I put together two cards.  One from my nephew and one for my aunt.
Today is Friday, and I hope to get the room organized more this evening so tomorrow I can work out there.  I need to devise a really good pressing system for the velvet jacket since I haven’t a pressing ham.