This last weekend I spent most of my sewing time mending Paul’s blanket.  It is a red velvet like blanket made of the very man-made fibers.  Even after several years of him sleeping with it, it still has a slight new car smell.  However, it is super soft and he loves it to the point of having worn several holes in it.
As I have said in previous posts, I am working on a velvet jacket.  I will leave my progress on said jacket for another post, but I have cut out the pieces so I have some nice scraps.  I used these to mend his blanket.  I have no idea how this will wash up, but I just patched it. I used two techniques, first I laid a scrap on one side and used some of my stretch stitches to sew around the edge.  Then I laid a larger scrap on the other side and did the same thing, so the first patch looked like it was framed.  Definitely acceptable.  Then my son commented that he thought that I would be hand sewing the blanket.  So I did several patches where I just laid a patch on and quilted back and forth ala Jude at Spirit Cloth.  Again acceptable.

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