A few weeks ago, I had the blessing of having my colors done.  I had an individualized color chart or as Victoria refers to it: palette, done. I was surprised and affirmed by the colors she chose for me.  The majority of the things I have fit into the space of the colors.  Some of the things that didn’t were not surprises.  What was a surprise was all the things that I didn’t think really were my color that I had which were.
Anyway, I have about 20 garments that I really liked that were not at all on the chart that I just couldn’t part with.  So I picked up a bottle of Rit dye.  Now, usually I don’t like to use Rit dye.  The color selection is not the best, the dye is more fugitive.  However, for ease of use it can’t be beat especially for large batches.  Everything came out a new color, some were fabulous some not.  Today I will check them with my color palette. 

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