I am always surprised at what a little bit of time can give me.  I edge finished the first seam on my velvet jacket.  There is a small tuck in the seam which I tried to fix last night, but I think I will work on again tonight.  I don’t want my first seam to have tuck on it no matter how small.
Also, I sewed a small bag out of a woolen sweater while I watched Paul do his homework.  It came out quite well, but stretchy.  I think I will soak it in some hot water to see if I can felt it down a little more.  Otherwise, I will stabilize it with something else.
I am making some plans to move some of my stuff out of the sewing room to create some room to think.  Since it is winter, I can move it to the porch.  Then I may be able to clear some things out as I see what I really use.

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