My computer was broken, but I did write this yesterday.
I folded a pile of fabric last night as part of the clean out the studio process.  At various times, my studio has been neat but they are few and far between.  I have several things in there now that are irrelevant to my work now.  So when I can’t think of something more creative, I am going through piles and moving some stuff OUT.
I finally ironed the front two seams on the coat.  The one has some ironing errors.  I’m going to continue, but try to take that part to Victoria’s and use her steamer and see if it can be mended.  If not, I will have to decide whether to recut it or distress the whole jacket.
Yesterday which is SATURDAY WORK DAY, my favorite, I played around quite a bit.  I did get a second seam basted on the coat.  I also realized that I needed to put interfacing in the hem all the way around.  I learn something every time I work on the coat.  I am very confused about the way the back vent goes together.  I decided to put it off into the future and perhaps it will make more sense.  After all, now I have to add interfacing to all of the hems and that will take considerable time.
Also, I cut out some hexigons for a grandmother’s flower garden quilt that I am working on.  I’ve been working on it forever.  It is all satins and I must have 30 some odd flowers.  I want to use up all the satin I have before I quit.  I have a ways to go. 
I made some small origami boxes from old Chistmas cards.  It was a very successful day.

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