I began working on this quilt yesterday.  It is made from several silk garments that I had, but didn’t want to wear.  The fabric is really flimsy and delicate, so I sewed it to this old sheet.  I love this old sheet.  It was from S’s grandmother and we used it until it ripped.  Then I used the old depression strategy of cutting it down the middle and resewing it together, but outside edges as center.  Still the fabric was too thin so I combined it with another sheet to make large patchwork sheet.  My husband didn’t like sleeping on the seams, and honestly it really was still too sheer to use so finally I bought some sheets.  (yes, I am cheap).  The fabric is still lovely because it is so well worn.  Here’s a picture of the back, and I like this as much as the front.
Then I used that same fabric to make this tiny quilt card.  It is called Winter Sunset.  I used that sheet again and a curtain that had shredded after slowly being faded unevenly by the sun.  All of the other fabric on this card is from the curtain so you can really see the changes from the fading.  Actually it is very gradual, and beautiful.  It reminds me of a quilt I wanted to make a long time ago called Purple Rain, that never quite came together.

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