sofa and goals

I’m trying to write here more often even though I am spending a lot of time working with my short story or novel or whatever it is.  I guess I shouldn’t say a lot but I am trying to write daily on it at least two paragraphs, a task I almost succeed at. 
Yesterday dh and I spent the day rearranging the living room furniture. Of course, the room got a sorely needed deep clean as we moved things around.  I have considerable allergies but my living room is nice.  I wish I could say the same about the rest of the house.  I think my biggest challenge right is the boys’ room and within that room: storage.

not much now

I have been working on a short story so I haven’t been sewing much.  I did get two more seams done on the velvet jacket.  Slowly, slowly that turtle goes up the hill.  Still too cold to work in the sewing room, however, I did clean off the tables.  I found a not tiny quilt but perhaps it should be called almost tiny quilt.  I had made some bird watercolors and I Xeroxed one and reduced it to add to the no-so-tiny-but-almost tiny quilt.  Hopefully, I will get to work on it in the next few days.
We are getting new furniture today.  I am alternately excited and anxious.  We spent more than I planned and then right after our car needed a repair for nearly 600 dollars.  I get nervous spending money like that.  We usually are very conservative about our money (not that there is much of it) so this is a rare treat.

new cards new year

Poor teddy, I have had him since I was a little girl.  He is so worn and now both of my kids are grown beyond the years that a teddy would even be an idea, much less a worn out little guy like him.  I keep on thinking of covering his whole body with a new fabric, but as of yet have not worked up the energy.
s and I worked on these cards for thank you cards for the boys’ Christmas presents and they came out beautifully.  I have been watching a lot of work on tissue paper on Pokey’s quilting show on PBS.  Finally, I got it going.  These all recycled cards except the thread.  Even the tissue paper was from some presents we received.
Anyway, I am so blessed with great friends and family.  We received so many beautiful things, and I am so grateful.