So for a long time, I have been lurking on style websites, and enjoying them terribly.  I love the creative combinations people have and they create personas through there clothing.  However, most of the ones I look at have very thin people.  I, although not exactly fat, am not as thin as I would like.  But I love to put clothes together.  So, I launch the style part of my blog.
Now, my friend, P. , just gave me this dress at New Years, and I struggled with how to wear it .  First, it is the middle of winter here, and I really couldn’t figure out how to wear without being chilly.  I didn’t have sweater that I liked over it.  Here is my solution: biking leggings under and and a long tank top dress underneath.  Then I wear it unbuttoned like a duster because otherwise it makes me look too wide.  I love my tri-color suede shoes with it. 
There is my first style entry.  I promise to learn how to pose better.

dragon fabric

Here’s the dragon fabric.  I don’t know what I am going to do with because the person who likes it best likes it whole.  I like the idea of cutting out the dragons. I am at an impasse.
  Anyway, today I plan to make a dress.  Hopefully, I can get to a point where I can finish it through the week.


I bought some wonderful dragon fabric that I thought would go wonderfully on the lizard quilt.  However, after looking at it for a long time, I decided it was done without it.  I also know how I want to quilt it.  So now I need to decide what color of fabric for the back.

this weekend

Plans, big plans.  Sort of.  I hope to get my jacket going again.  Although I may work on that this evening, and then work on the dragon quilt tomorrow.  I’m still not sure.  I’m excited to have my Saturday morning.
I have the jacket to a point where I can almost try it on.  I am getting excited about it. 
I mended a hoodie discarded by e by putting some plaid swatches across the pocket.  Now, he saw it and asked me to do the same with his hoodie.  I told him he could just have it.  I accidentally did something a teenager thinks is cool.  Wow!  Although maybe tomorrow is be crazy middle age woman day at high school.

what’s new

I guess I have been bad about writing.  The cliche of bloggers, start out strong and then fade away.  Anyway, I have mended a nightgown.  I started a blue scarf for E.  It is crocheted so it will be a while to complete, but it is very pretty.  He is into scarves this year so I think he will like it.  Otherwise, it will be for me.
I bought some dragon fabric for P.  He says he wants to keep it whole, but I have the idea of cutting it up and adding it to the orange lizard quilt.  He is not keen about cutting it up.  This is why he doesn’t have a quilt yet.  I may just go back and buy some more.