So for a long time, I have been lurking on style websites, and enjoying them terribly.  I love the creative combinations people have and they create personas through there clothing.  However, most of the ones I look at have very thin people.  I, although not exactly fat, am not as thin as I would like.  But I love to put clothes together.  So, I launch the style part of my blog.
Now, my friend, P. , just gave me this dress at New Years, and I struggled with how to wear it .  First, it is the middle of winter here, and I really couldn’t figure out how to wear without being chilly.  I didn’t have sweater that I liked over it.  Here is my solution: biking leggings under and and a long tank top dress underneath.  Then I wear it unbuttoned like a duster because otherwise it makes me look too wide.  I love my tri-color suede shoes with it. 
There is my first style entry.  I promise to learn how to pose better.

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