my liptone

Here’s an example of my best colors.  The pink sweater is my exact lip tone.  Remember back when V did my colors.  The under blouse is one of my very few "purples" .  I have very few true purples which is sad because I love purple.

easy fix zipper on a hoodie

I had this hoodie maybe a month before the zipper broke.  I thought about replacing it, but never got around to buying a zipper.  I was also a little resentful of having to spend the time and money on a cheap garment.  Anyway, this is my quick fix.  I cut the zipper out.  This hoodie is lined with a contrasting grey fabric so instead of just sewing right sides together, I basted the lining to the shell, then sewed wrong sides together. This gives it the contrasting ruffle down the front. I know, at first glance it looks like a zipper.  I also cut the binding off the bottom, just because I liked the way it hanged a little better.

new bag

My new Miche bag cover.  I got it for my birthday.  I love the color and I have already gotten a compliment on it.  This is my third cover.  For those of you who don’t know the cover can be changed so I can have new look without pulling all my stuff out.

new dress (handmade)

I made this dress over the last few weeks.  It turned out really well.  The fabric is a ribbed knit that has a nice sheen.  I sewed most of it by machine except the hems and the neck line.  Hand heming the bottom made it a little wavy in a way I really like.  I love how long I made the sleeves. The fabric has so much synthetic in it it feels a little clammy, but I still think I’ll get a lot of wear out it.

black and white outfit

I got so many compliments when I wore this last week.  I love the fringe skirt, and it seems attractive to many people.  My husband, however, hates fringe.  So he always comments on my outfit:  I like it, but why don’t you cut off the fringe?  I think the fringe is the best part of the skirt.
So how much for the outfit?  I will say the skirt was the most expensive thing.  I bought it from Sears for eight dollars.  Everything else is from Savers: boots :5.99, blouse 3.99, sweater: 3.99.  The tights I got from Walgreens for two dollars.  Total: 23 dollars.