My boys are too old to sew with me for the most part.  But I still sew for them.  My older son asked for a head band and these are what I made.  I had that bit of leather with beads sewn on in my sewing room for a long time.  I always meant to use it for a barrette.  I have tons of little objects like that, half made odds and ends.  I will work on a little piece of fabric or paper with no intention and then a few months (or years later) its place becomes obvious.  The problem is storing them and knowing which ones to toss, and which ones have a future.


I spent an hour picking up my sewing room last night. I have so many little bits of things.  I know these little bits of fabric, beads or odd little half finished projects are future finished projects, future art.  My favorite tiny quilts are made of little bits of things.  However, as a whole, they are overwhelming and make it impossible to work in my sewing room.  So I threw a lot away last night.  I will admit that is only very rarely that I discard something I really want.  Still, each scrap I looked at wondering if this would be the thing that I really need next time I sit down to sew.
 I sometimes spend some time watching Hoarders in rapt fear.   I know that part of myself, and I refuse to let it overtake me.  I read fly lady at www.flylady.net and try to take her advice to heart.  I know I will never have a spotless house, but I am going for presentable and a place where I can work.


It was spring outside, and in.  My Christmas cactus bloomed again.  This was completely and wonderfully unexpected.  It usually blooms in November, but I moved it to the top of the stairs, and I guess that was enough of a change in light for it to bloom.  It gets the most beautiful blossoms.
The impatient also bloomed.  I saved these last winter and I have about four of them to start outside in the next few weeks.  They will be really pretty.

new tiny quilt

I have couple of extra blocks from the lizard quilt.  I guess now that I have decided to not use the lizards, I should probably rename that quilt.  Anyway, these little red and orange images were the beginning of the whole quilt and I still love them.  I am working on embellishing this one now, and making a new tiny quilt.

new skirt

I made this skirt last fall, but I never got a chance to wear it before it got too cold.  I think it will be one of my strongest pieces this year.  I love the fabric and the color.  It was very simple to make.  I measured my waist and hips.  Then I sketched out those lines on the fabric and connected the dots.  I cut a little wider for ease and seam allowance.  I put in a side zipper.  Because I had only a white zipper, I painted the zipper with acyllic paint.  This was surprisingly successful.  It ended up being a little stiff, but it has not lost its color with many zips.  I don’t know how washing it will affect it, but I’ll let you know.

remove turtle neck

One of the easiest reconstructions is to remove a turtleneck. Since I have put on a little weight, I find turtlenecks a little hot.  Plus they make my shoulders look very wide and because of this make me look heavy.  On this sweater, I just cut off the turtleneck and turned the edge.  Then I hand sewed around it using a straight stitch.  I used turquoise embroidery floss with all the strands.  Because the sweater has little knubs of multi colored fiber in it it really blends in.  I used several short pieces of embroidery floss instead of one really long one so that the seam has a little give. When using a knit fabric, if it has no give it may pop.  Many knits require no edge finish so this really is a quick reconstruction.