I spent an hour picking up my sewing room last night. I have so many little bits of things.  I know these little bits of fabric, beads or odd little half finished projects are future finished projects, future art.  My favorite tiny quilts are made of little bits of things.  However, as a whole, they are overwhelming and make it impossible to work in my sewing room.  So I threw a lot away last night.  I will admit that is only very rarely that I discard something I really want.  Still, each scrap I looked at wondering if this would be the thing that I really need next time I sit down to sew.
 I sometimes spend some time watching Hoarders in rapt fear.   I know that part of myself, and I refuse to let it overtake me.  I read fly lady at www.flylady.net and try to take her advice to heart.  I know I will never have a spotless house, but I am going for presentable and a place where I can work.

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