I love these decadent colors, full of cartoon and garish spring.
I am working a new quilt.  The top is done but the rest is still in progress.  It is a gift so it will be a couple of weeks before I post pictures.

birthday jewelry

April is my birthday and my friend Patti’s daughter’s birthday also.  So when she came over she designed this necklace and I strung it for her.  It is so cute, and I love the way she combined gold and red.  We had a great time.

first sunday school quilt

Here’s the first finished quilt from my Sunday school class. The student picked out the fabrics and wrote the words.  I did the sewing and the quilting.  I think it turned out quite nice.  I did use a fabric I wouldn’t usually use for the border, the silver fabric.  It is washable but will probably not hold up as long as the cotton fabric. It has a beautiful woven pattern, and I think it really is nice.  The student asked for silver and this was the best I could find.