So since this was a gift, I have not been blogging about it.  This is my nephew, Seth’s quilt.  I have now finished it and gave it to him and his mom last weekend.  Finally, I can talk about it.
I wanted to give him a quilt because he is the youngest of four, and I feel like he should have some special things too.  I’m sure his mom will make it that way, too, but  I wanted to do my part.  I haven’t made a baby quilt in years, and I gave myself a very short deadline only about four weeks.  I had these green and yellow squares already sewn into rectangles.  There are pieces of my maternity clothes, and my kids’ crib sheet in there.  The one that looks southeastern is Paul’s shorts.  I picked the two rectangles that I liked the best together and sewed them together.  However, I couldn’t figure out how to use the rest.  I had a bunch of this blue fabric that I didn’t use for the the purple quilt so I framed it.
I knew was going to use the balance of the rectangles to create another frame.  But how to add interest?  I cut them on an angle.  This made them much more interesting than if I had just cut them straight across.

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