this is how I feel today

I am so tired and sleepy today that girl normal spoke my thoughts out loud.  She wrote about getting a job vs keeping a job.  It is exactly how I feel today.  I must have woke up 5 times last night.  Or I should say my husband woke me up 5 times last night.  I think he was nervous because he had to get up and wait for the new fridge.  Yes.  I said new fridge.  Again.

We originally had our fridge repaired a couple of months ago because it was not keeping cold.  The freezer was still working fine.  Then the day before we were due to leave for vacation I came down and the door was open.  This was not unusual with this fridge, because unless you very intentionally closed the door, it would not just shut like most fridge doors.  I think most fridge doors are weighted to close if you give them a gentle nudge. Not this door: it would almost close unless you really shoved it. Anyway, it felt really warm but after all the door was open for several hours. So, I put my thermometer in there and it registered sixty degrees.  Again the freezer was fine.  I waited a few hours. The thermometer didn’t budge.  So my husband and I had a deep discussion about what to do.  My idea is either panic or wait too long.  This time I chose panic and we went and bought new fridge.  We threw away about fifty dollars of food.  They delivered the fridge and it seemed fine.  So, we went away for five days.

We got back and again the fridge felt a little warm.  So I put my thermometer in again and it registered 50 degrees.  I adjusted it cooler and waited.  It never went down.  Fortunately, we went easy on the groceries, so we didn’t lose any food. So yesterday a repairman came out and checked it.  He said it could be easily repaired.  However, I am not willing to try repair again.  So today: new fridge.  Hopefully, tomorrow: working fridge.  I’m sure he will need a nap later.


One of my favorite gifts is to combine a handmade object with a store bought one. 

I bought this little t-shirt at Target for my sister.  She has beautiful watery eyes.  I call them watery because they shift from blue to green to grey depending on the color she is wearing.  My older son has the same eyes and I love to pick clothing that makes his eyes appear more saturated.  I think this shirt will do the same. 

She is a stay at home mom right now so I wanted to get something that would be comfortable, but nice enough to wear around on errands or maybe church.

I also made matching jewelry.

new quilt

new quilt
start of new quilt

Here’s my new quilt.  I am calling it the Valentine quilt because it has so much red and pink.  These hexigons were from my grandmother.  They are made of the ugliest polyester fabric that I would never wear, and of course would never buy to use in a quilt.  But somehow, they work.  They have a lot of texture and are nice to touch.  They are also super durable.

I’ve also cut some squares of various sizes to add to the quilt.  I’m not sure how it will look when done, probably some kind of variation on a sampler/crazy quilt.  I’ve done this type of quilt many times before and I love the improvisational feeling they have.  I hate to have the whole thing played out at the beginning.  The tiny choices I make while I go through the process are what keep me engaged and excited.

bunny screams

 I don’t have any pets.  I had a worm compost bin.  Not once, not twice but three times, I killed all the worms.  My son said, Mom, you have a worm concentration camp.  Frankly, that is true.  I’m surprised, amazed and blessed that my sons have grown so beautiful, so healthy, and so strong.  I take only a small credit.

So, I knew that when my husband found the baby bunnies cornered in the window well of our basement by the neighbor’s cat, there was no way that I could care for them.  I wish I could, but I know it would be worm concentration camp all over again.  It was, but much, much worse.  Because bunnies can scream.

We figured out three problems:

We felt our window well was too deep for the bunnies to jump out by themselves.

We worried the momma wouldn’t come back if we handled them too much.

We worried the cat would come back.

So I called my mom and she said lift them out and my sister suggested gloves.  I looked up on-line at, and they said try to put them back in the nest so we did so.  My husband carefully covered the nest with a heavy pile of leaves.  We looked at the leaves periodically, but didn’t go near for the rest of the day.

We had all but forgotten about the situation, and went to bed when we heard the scream.  It was the worst, saddest sound.  We all awoke fully and ran outside.  We gave chase to the cat but it was fast.  It left a wake of screams which we followed and then… silence.  We looked at our neighbor’s house, hoping she was home but she wasn’t.  Then, we went back and tried to see if there was any bunnies in our yard.  We could see there was a bunny by the fence, but it was dark and we couldn’t tell if it was a momma or a baby.  We didn’t want to dig in the nest for fear the momma would not come back if it was her by the fence.  We were hoping she would take her other baby and hide better in  new place.

So we went back to bed.  Again, we sat up to the sound of a new screaming bunny.  Again, we chased off the cat.  This time I looked in the nest and they were both gone.  I looked where the cat was, but I couldn’t find the baby there.

So we went back to bed.  There was no more screaming that night.

What did I learn from this experience?

– Cut your losses.  Even if all the experts say not to, if a one bunny is screaming, scoop up the other one and bring it in the house.  At least, you’ll get a good night’s rest even if the poor thing ends up dying anyway.

– If other people’s animals are wandering in your yard, make sure you know what animal belongs to whom.

We did have a moment of hope.  The next night, we heard a scream again.  We ran out again and scared the cat again.  This time I knew whose care it was and they brought the cat in.  I haven’t seen or heard anything since. 

Take care, bunnies.

What did I learn?  I learned that even when you are doing everything you can sometimes it just works out badly.  It’s sad, it’s upsetting and it is life.

paper dolls

I have a deep love of paper dolls.  I have been thinking about making some for my little nieces for Christmas this year.  I have made them for myself when I was a little girl, my sisters and my niece who is now 21 years old (how time flies).  I like especially to make dolls that evoke the person who is receiving them.  I even made dolls where I xeroxed the person’s face and attached to a sketched body.  Then I made an outfit that reminded me of them.  That was really fun.  Over on PatStudio: A Celebration of Slowly Made Goods, she was talking about some vintage paper dolls and the nostalgia they evoked for her.  I have the same sweet feeling: remembering my store bought paper dolls, punching them out, and my drawn paper dolls.  Mmm… maybe I will draw those paper dolls for my nieces today.