I have a deep love of paper dolls.  I have been thinking about making some for my little nieces for Christmas this year.  I have made them for myself when I was a little girl, my sisters and my niece who is now 21 years old (how time flies).  I like especially to make dolls that evoke the person who is receiving them.  I even made dolls where I xeroxed the person’s face and attached to a sketched body.  Then I made an outfit that reminded me of them.  That was really fun.  Over on PatStudio: A Celebration of Slowly Made Goods, she was talking about some vintage paper dolls and the nostalgia they evoked for her.  I have the same sweet feeling: remembering my store bought paper dolls, punching them out, and my drawn paper dolls.  Mmm… maybe I will draw those paper dolls for my nieces today.

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