I am so tired and sleepy today that girl normal spoke my thoughts out loud.  She wrote about getting a job vs keeping a job.  It is exactly how I feel today.  I must have woke up 5 times last night.  Or I should say my husband woke me up 5 times last night.  I think he was nervous because he had to get up and wait for the new fridge.  Yes.  I said new fridge.  Again.

We originally had our fridge repaired a couple of months ago because it was not keeping cold.  The freezer was still working fine.  Then the day before we were due to leave for vacation I came down and the door was open.  This was not unusual with this fridge, because unless you very intentionally closed the door, it would not just shut like most fridge doors.  I think most fridge doors are weighted to close if you give them a gentle nudge. Not this door: it would almost close unless you really shoved it. Anyway, it felt really warm but after all the door was open for several hours. So, I put my thermometer in there and it registered sixty degrees.  Again the freezer was fine.  I waited a few hours. The thermometer didn’t budge.  So my husband and I had a deep discussion about what to do.  My idea is either panic or wait too long.  This time I chose panic and we went and bought new fridge.  We threw away about fifty dollars of food.  They delivered the fridge and it seemed fine.  So, we went away for five days.

We got back and again the fridge felt a little warm.  So I put my thermometer in again and it registered 50 degrees.  I adjusted it cooler and waited.  It never went down.  Fortunately, we went easy on the groceries, so we didn’t lose any food. So yesterday a repairman came out and checked it.  He said it could be easily repaired.  However, I am not willing to try repair again.  So today: new fridge.  Hopefully, tomorrow: working fridge.  I’m sure he will need a nap later.

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