What can you do when a garment you really like gets a hole in it?  Of course, you can patch it but what if you make the repair a design element?  I love this shirt with its funky tie dyed background with a strange mystical symbol.  It also happens to be a unique color from my color chart.

However, it had two little holes one on each sleeve. 

So I marked a line on the sleeves from top to hem intersecting the hole. 

 I used this line as a fold line. After folding the fabric on that line, I ran a seam along  it about a quarter-inch from the fold.  You could use any width you wanted. You could put this seam on the inside, but I chose to put wrong sides together and make the seam a decorative element.   Then I cut open the seam.  You could press this seam open and have it lay flat.  You could run decorative a decorative stitch down the center, or press to one side and run a decorative stitch on that side.  I chose to do none of those things.  I like the ruffle edge of the cut edges.  Since it is knit it won’t ravel but after washing a few times it gets kind of wavy.

I may at some point bring the sides in a little on this t-shirt to make it more fitted.  I do this to a lot of t-shirts.  I’m not sure because I like the oversized comfort of it. 

Here’s the full look:

You can see that I made no effort to make the seams symmetrical.  You could try to do this, but I kind of like the rough unevenness of the finished garment.

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