It was my son’s birthday and my other son birthday is coming up so I made several cards to use as thank you notes.

I used calenders to cut out patches of color and then attach them to small pieces of photo paper.  On these I colored some dots with marker, also.  Steve said that was a little much.

I love these three because two of them are like exclamation points.  The one on the left is the Washington monument.  See if you can guess which two were made by Steve.  That is one of the things I love about him.  If you bring him a bunch of materials and a finished card he can springboard his own ideas and visual stamp on them on a dime.  Then, I can build on what he is doing.

One of these is his, and one of these we did jointly.

This last one is my favorite:

I made it, but I think it really reminds me of two of Steve’s assemblages Under the waterfall and Lovers in Spring.

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