I just read about the 100 thing challenge.  I immediately thought of the two areas where my hoarding tendencies are barely held in check: my clothing and my craft materials/tools.  So I did a quick inventory of my clothing.  I have a book that is a visual catalogue of all my clothes.  Perhaps it is a sign that I have too many things that I have photos of all my clothes.  Anyway, it makes it easy to count.  I have 163 items of clothing.  This does NOT count socks, underwear and various foundation pieces.  Also, a few things I bought this summer to wear next winter.  SO!  I am going to try to get down to 100 items.  I am not quite sure if I will include each undergarment or categories of items.  It seems like a cheat.  If I just said:  shirts or even short sleeve shirts, I would definitely be under 100 items.  Anyway, I think achieving the 100 items with categories for undergarments will be a major breakthrough.  By the way, this does include jewelry and shoes.

To begin this process, I will go through my items again.  This time, I will look at each item by comfort, style and whether I have worn it in the last season appropriate for it.  I know this is crazy, but I can’t help it, my inner hoarder has to be rationalized.

On the other end of the spectrum is my craft room.  In that room, I am only using categories.  I have to.  I have over 100 drawing items, pieces of fabric and beads.  I am at sixty categories or things.  I am trying to make the categories not too broad.  I did get rid of five things yesterday.  Good start.

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