I seem to spill on my clothes a lot.  I try to put spot remover on the spots but sometimes they just don’t come out.  This technique would also work if you had a hole in a garment.

I  had spot on this striped tank.  Besides the spot, it was a great shirt good fit great colors. 

Here’s the spot:

It’s right in the middle front.  I thought about an applique.  I’m not really an applique girl.  I used to do it to mend my kid’s clothes but I am an adult.  I rarely even wear t-shirts with logos.  The only logos I wear is ironic logos ie A&W shirt or shirts that are so obscure that no one knows really what to make of them.

Anyway, the first step was to cut the spot out.  I cut a strip all the way through the shirt all the way around. This was easy because it was striped.  I could just follow the stripe around the garment. 

Then, I got a second shirt out. It was also spotted in several places but overall, except for its color, it didn’t have much going for it. I put it on and then layered the tank over the top.  Then, front of a mirror (or if you have an artist husband, in front of him), I moved the bottom part of the tank up and down until I had a pleasing amount of space between the two. I measured the space. Then I cut a strip from the second shirt to that width.  I sewed that strip in place of the strip I had cut out.  Then I had this:

Now when I do it next time, I will make the strip slightly smaller than the top I am inserting into. My strip does bubble a little bit.  But overall I love it.  It has an empire effect which is always great on me.  I just had validation of this from Tim Gunn’s new book: Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style (Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style) .  He recommends the empire waist for people with a belly.  This silhouette is in style now too.  However, many empire styles can make me look a little pregnant.  Because this top has no gathers, just a visual line at my skinniest spot it does slim me by drawing the viewer’s eye to it without adding bulk to my belly.

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