A couple weeks ago, we decided to go for a drive outside the city.  We were just driving and driving, enjoying the landscape when we came across the Franconia Sculpture Park.  It was great!  Not only was the art interesting to look at, it was completely interactive.  It really was more of an art playground.

10 minutes towards Enlightenment
10 minutes towards Enlightment

We all loved this piece by Steven Kuypers.  It was little hut on the top of a mound of dirt surrounded by a moat.  The little hut had a computer with a small pillow in front of it.  It was great!  It was so wonderful to climb up, reminiscent of a play castle and a tree fort. 


This one by Michael McGillis was one Steve’s favorite.  I think part of the reason he loved it was because of the huge mushrooms growing out it.  He also loved the color.  It was great how it turned everything inside the space that color.  It reminded me of dawn.

play station

Paul took this picture of me in Play Station by Bridget Beck.  It was a great playground space with little hidden space underground, and these lovely castle spaces with wonderful decorated tables. It was whimsical and great to move through.

The sculpture park was the highlight of the day and well worth the hour drive from out house.  We plan to go back next year for their festival.

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