I am working  on a pink quilt.  It is a gift.  I won’t specify for who, but those in the know will know.  One of the blocks I have been playing with is a heart block.


I love to do random piecing and so I began by cutting a heart shape from paper and randomly piecing it.

Here’s the back:

Then I trimmed the fabric around the paper.

Then I laid the heart on a square the size of my finished block:  right side of heart to wrong side of fabric.

I straight stitched around the heart.  I stitched on the paper a quarter inch from the edge.

Then I flipped it over and cut away the fabric inside the stitching, being very careful not to catch my pieced heart underneath.

and the reveal:

The last step is to satin stitch over the raw edges.  I am planning on getting some varigated thread for this step.  Finally, I remove the paper.  If you wanted to have easier paper removal,  you could use a water soluble paper.

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