Busy, busy week.  Last week there was a big snow storm, the first one of the seasons.  It made me really count my blessings so here they are:

We only lost power for a few hours.

I got a lot of work done on a quilt I have been working on.

Everyone is well.

Anyway, my computer was down all weekend and we were pretty much snowbound.  I spent a lot of time sewing, which was joyful!  I finished all the squares for my pink quilt and put them in order. I got the rows sewn, and pinned together to be finished.

Now that it is colder, I am about to move my sewing machine in to my bedroom since it is pretty chilly in my sewing room.  If I have the door open and heat at 72- it is almost comfortable.  But if my kids are downstairs, they find it chilly.  I know I will do more sewing since my machine will be so available.

I also spent a fair amount of time getting whomped in Monopoly. I really enjoyed relaxing and just being with my family.  So much of the time, I’m running here and there.  I have to remember to slow down and just enjoy my life, my house.

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