I worked a Halloween sale this year.  So I had a good excuse to make a costume. I began using my prom dress.  I went to prom in 1987 and here’s  photo:

Wow!  I was so skinny.  I hate to put pictures of 1987 me in the same page as 2010 me, but here goes:

I began by cutting off the bodice.  I thought I could use take it in and use as a crown.  That didn’t really work out. So I made a small quilt sandwich strip.

I laid strips of fabric on top and then machine quilted in parellel lines.  I then carefully clipped the top layer only between the parellel lines.  I sewed across them both with hand stitching and machine stitching, flipping up the cut areas sometimes.

I think it looks like waves on the ocean.  I really love this part and I know I will use this technique again.

On the front, I appliqued several stars.  On a couple I added some tulle before I attached the stars, on others after.  I gathered the tulle as a sewed it down, in order to make it puffy.

It really created some texture, even to the point where I had to tack it down in places because it was a little too much.

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