I read this article yesterday: What Kind of Seed Beader are you?  by Kristal Wick.  Although it is meant for seed beading, I think it is easy to generalize to artists in general.  So what kind of artist am I?

The Artful Beader

You create one-of-a-kind, complicated, out-of-the-box designs for the sheer sake of beauty. If you had to make another one or teach a class, you’d faint! You’re more the “art for art’s sake” type of beader, taking the less traveled path, rarely following a pattern. Your creations are pretty unique, mixing wire, beads, and other media together.

Your motto: Impossible you say, bring it on!

This is totally me.  I rarely make the same project twice, and if I do, it is always significantly different.  Usually, there is something unresolved in the project that I want to play out if I do make another.  Right now, I am considering making a second tiny angel quilt.  The first one turned out wonderfully, but I think I may do a second one with a completely different palette. (By the way, my husband gave me both a compliment and a burn on that same piece:  He said, ” Now, you made a pot holder.” Luckily for him, before that he had said, “It looks like a painting.”  For him, this is the ultimate compliment.)

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