I just finished this quilt over Christmas.  I have been playing around with transparency for a while with greeting cards I have been making.  I used a sheet that is nearly worn through, a curtain that faded beautifully and shredded over time due to stress from hanging and some new patterned curtain fabric.  I used a stencil I made years ago to make the angel on the worn sheet.  The fabric is so sheer that you can see little sparkles from the silver fabric shining through.

I have for years wanted to make a purple quilt called Purple Rain.  You can guess exactly how old I am from that statement.  Anyway, this quilt is the tiny, successful version of that imaginary quilt. The other major influence is Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth, of course.

I enjoyed making this quilt so much I have plans to make two more.  This first one is called Winter.  The second one is Star, and the third is Dawn. I’ve already started Star, in fact, I counted it as one of my UFOs for 2011.

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