I still believe in summer days

The seasons always change

And love will find a way

-Winter Song by Sara Bareilles

I got tired of the cheerful tulips heading.  I changed my heading to a more wintry theme in honor of the real winter we are having: huge piles of snow, a serious ice storm and coming in later this week for a replay, bitter cold.  I feel like I am having a flashback to my childhood when winter seemed to just go on forever. I am not as content as I was then to just curl up with a book and let it pass me by.  Instead, I am keeping myself going with projects and even went for a foray into my unheated sewing room yesterday to clean up a little.  But I miss long walks that don’t take my breath away and warm feet. (That part you can sing to the tune of My Favorite Things.) 

This time of year always makes me a little claustrophobic. We don’t have access to our three season porch and my sewing room. We all get a little bit on each others’ nerves.

What’s funny is my older boy is loving this winter.  He is walking or biking everywhere in the city and bundling up really heavily. He’s shrugged off the teenage bravado of “no coat, no gloves, I’m not cold” (his brother is in this stage now), in favor of exploring his space with his friends. It’s completely unexpected that he would do this.  I am completely amazed by him. I am not a winter person, and his dad, although he somehow never cold, is from southern California.  My husband just looks at weather, any weather, as an enormous, completely unexpected surprise.  I do my best to ignore the weather unless I am making small talk.  My son is embracing it, or at least facing it without complaint.

It’s a day to count blessings. Healthy family and a warm house. A car that starts even at 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stay warm…

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