corduroy quilt

I’m slowly making progress. This picture is from last week when I had all of the squares done. I doubt I will be done by the end of this month, but it is much farther along, and I have a clear intention for finishing it.  I picked up some lavender, black and red flannel.  I didn’t really like the lavender when I got it home so I dyed it a lovely blue.  The thing I discovered is that flannel sucks up dye like nobody’s business.  I  did a low water immersion process and when I put it in it turned immediately very dark.  I pulled it out quickly and squeezed out a good portion of the dye.  I put it in a plastic bag over night instead of doing the regular hour.  It turned out the perfect color.  The only thing I am struggling with (as usual) is getting things straight.  The corduroy is shifting and stretching as I sew.  I straightened the columns as I went but nothing is matching up well.  I have to finish the blue and then add three more borders, black, red, black.

Due to the heaviness of all that corduroy, I am planning on putting polar fleece on the back.  Then I can do minimal quilting, just around the shadow shapes. I need to go to the fabric store this weekend to get the polar fleece, some more flannel, and tying yarn.

2 thoughts on “ufo update

    1. Thanks. I will get photo of the blue flannel soon. I got the low immersion techniques from Ann Johnston’s book, Color by Accident. I like how intense the colors are using this technique because the dyes are not so diluted. The colors aren’t always even with this technique, although this time it came out surprisingly even though I pulled it out so suddenly. Did you use the washing machine to do your dress? What fiber was the dress made of? You really got a nice, dark, even color.

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