January Friday night sew-in update

I had a great night sewing!  I finished my book on cd so I will have to order another from the library.  I worked on three ufos and made a little progress on all of them.

First, I worked on the red and green corduroy quilt.  I put the black frame on.  I was about to put the red frame on when Steve interrupted. He felt like the red frame would be too intense.  I had planned to put a narrow red frame and then second wider black frame. He felt like a gold frame would be better.  He had the idea for the blue which I have to admit really makes the quilt sing. So today I am off to the fabric store.  I plan to get the back fabric, also, so if I have time to put the quilt together this week I can.

Next I worked on the Valentine’s quilt.  I attached what I believe is the last frame.  I was attempting to make this quilt a twin size quilt but, as all my quilts, it ends up being the size it is.  It ended up being more square than I intended but I like the proportions so I probably won’t change it.

Lastly, I worked on my second tiny angel quilt.  I had bought some metallic iridescent variegated thread at the fabric store.  I double threaded my machine with it and a plain purple polyester thread.  I did some machine quilting with that double thread.  It worked ok, but the effect is not really that striking. I will try it alone at some point and hopefully get a more intense result.  At this point, it hardly looks like anything but I will post the image anyway.

I had a great time sewing!  I usually do a little bit of sewing on Friday night anyway, but it was more fun to be the part of a group.  Thank you  Handmade by Heidi for the idea and thanks to Deanna where I heard about it.


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  1. Great job with your FNSI! You did great with your green and corduroy quilt.

  2. Don’t you love the sew-in. And you got SO much done. I am impressed (and just a little jealous).

    • Yes. It was really fun and motivating. I will definately look for the next one.

  3. You got a lot accomplished last night…. I’m very fond of the hearts quilt!

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