January ufo finished!

I managed to finish it with just one day to spare!

I am actually quite pleased with it. The colors turned out great.  I added the red ties because I thought it would be difficult to quilt.  It turned out not to be, but I love the effect.  It has a really homemade old-fashioned look. I will post more photos in a few days. 

Meanwhile, check this out.  I believe I caught a real ufo in my photo of my ufo. 

Freaky, huh?  A real ufo right in my kids’ bedroom.


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  1. Yay you on a finish! I agree about the old fashioned look. Very homey.

    • Thanks. I was a little nervous I wasn’t going to finish but I spent the whole weekend on it.

  2. Isn’t it great to have something finished and out of your stash!!

    • Thanks. I was very afraid I wasn’t going to finish it. It looks like you did quite a bit of work this last month, too.

  3. Fantastic! You did a great job on this. Congrats!

    • Thank you. I was a little nervous in the middle that I would finish.

  4. Forgot to ask… where are you in MN? I live near Duluth. Maybe we’re neighbors! lol

    • No- sorry, I live in Minneapolis. But that is pretty close. I bet you have been having some really cold weather. I thought it was bad this am at 7.

  5. Love it!

  6. Fantastic! COngrats on the finish 🙂

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