I am an early morning worker, so I am intimately involved with the sunrise.  I never used to be, but since having a shift that begins at 7 am, I monitor the morning light with intensity.

And TODAY, TODAY, the sky as I was pulling up to work was half  indigo. Indigo, as opposed to black. I almost started to cry with joy that God blessed me with the view. First, because the indigo sky is so beautiful and, second, because it is the beginning of the end of this particularly bad winter.

I know that winter always affects me so strongly that I actively have to work to keep my head on straight.  I know that I have to keep myself especially warm to improve my mood, work out consistently, get enough sleep, and eat right.  I’ve been doing that all winter, while watching the sky every day since December when the last little glimmer of indigo in the morning was gone, replaced by black night.

So, happy First Day that Roberta can see Indigo Sky on the Way to Work!  You may want to make it a holiday, because it is the first sign of spring.

6 thoughts on “first day of light

  1. Hi I also see the day brake most mornings at my dairy. It is now summer in south Africa- so often it is instantly warm when the day brake- not that we want that. Temperatures go up to 35 degrees and most days now even higher. Any way daybrake is really a special time- everything look fresh and new!

    1. My goodness, that is hot! At first, I was a little confused, then I realized you were talking Celcius. It was 7 degrees this morning here- Fahrenheit. My converter says that is -14 Celcius. If you are on a dairy farm you are up very early. I do love the early morning too, although I sometimes wish I could stay in my warm bed a little longer in winter. You probably struggle with that a little more in July and August. Thanks for stopping by from so far away.

  2. Beautiful story–thank you for sharing. I walk at 6:30 and it is still pretty dark here, but we are quite far north. I look forward to an indigo morning.

    Hang in there–light is coming.

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