My number 10 is the silk quilt.  It is made from several silk blouses I had from the 1980-1990s.  They are washed silk and they are all in jewel tones. 

I know why I stopped working on them.  The color is the first problem. My husband says they look like a flag. Also, I have completed only eight.  Eight blocks completed is very far from a quilt. Sigh.

You can tell I am not excited about the quilt.  However, there are several things I like about it.  First, I like the silk.  I have never made a silk quilt and I love to touch these things.  I used some of my very sheer worn sheet for backing and they are completely hand sewn.  I love the contrasting basting around the edge.  They are completely soft and have a beautiful drape.

I’m thinking about dying them.  I have some doubts about dying something that is partially completed.  I believe I will paint them with dye. I’m concerned that they may fray with all of the rinsing.  I’m also not sure what color to use. 

So a lot of problems.  It should be an interesting ride as I work through these challenges. I am excited to see what will emerge, especially after seeing what happened with last month’s ufo.  I really pushed myself, and I’m quite pleased of what I achieved.

2 thoughts on “ufo number 10: the silk quilt

  1. Have you considered some sort of sashing, maybe black. I think it would have a very Amish look, rather than a flag look. Just an idea. I quite like the color, myself. It might be an alternative to dyeing.

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