As I get older (and a little heavier) I am noticing that shirts that fit well elsewhere, drive me crazy around the neck.  I remember my mom saying the same thing, so it is probably hereditary.  (Will they ever isolate the gene that makes a person feel like she is choking with any collar that rides above the collar-bone?) I can’t stand turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks, but even regular t-shirts make me feel like I am choking.  Here’s three ways to finish necklines.

This was actually Paul’s shirt.  He’s now big enough that I can fit his cast offs!  Anyway, I liked the tie dyed background.  The neck was just too tight. So I cut off the neck part plus a little extra.  Then I turned the edge under and sewed it with a wobble stitch.  A wobble stitch is a zigzag with a regular length and a width of one half.  It will be just enough stretch so the stitches won’t pop.  Since I sewed it really crooked and didn’t match my thread, I sewed twice around just as crooked to make it look like I did on purpose.

On this sweater, I did the same thing.  It was a mock turtleneck.  I felt like the neckline just made me look  heavy.  I cut off the turtleneck.  Then I tucked the edge under and hand sewed with perfectly matching thread.  I tried not to go through the front and I really ended with an invisible hem.  The neckline is now jewel.  It it acceptable, but I wish I would have made it a little deeper.  I make sure when I do hand sewing on knits that I no longer need the stretch. One way to do this is to make the neck hole large enough to put my head through without stretching so I don’t pop my stitches.

This third one is influenced by the Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin.  I used very thick thread in a contrasting color.  Again I just folded the edge under and sewed around the edge. Again, I made sure my neck hole was very big so my stitches won’t pop.

These are really simple changes that make my clothes a lot more comfortable.

4 thoughts on “neckline alterations

  1. Ditto. A friend showed me on a basic t-shirt (think Hanes or Fruit of the Loom) how she turned down the ribbing and stitched it down. Makes a world of difference!

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