Singing we seek the soul, of all that is good
We come bearing corn, water and wood
Stop and behold, all that is good
Give thanks for the corn, water and wood

Corn, Water and Wood by Michael Martin Murphey 

I finally named the corduroy quilt.  After much thought, I realized that this song really reminded me of this quilt.  There is the corn motif in the block, and the wavy lines that remind me of water.  The bleached fabric reminds me of wood, especially with the texture. The rough nature of the fabric and the homemade feeling of the quilt makes me think of me of cowboys or at least a ranch.

Corn, Water and Wood, 61x76 inches, fabric, thread, 2011


Here’s the tied area.  This picture really shows the colors.

Here’s a close up of one of the bleach resist images.  Again, to get this image, I clamped two wooden cutouts together and then dipped black fabric in a bleach and water mixture.  I just quilted around the motif.


Well, it is done. I count that as a major success.  Considering that last year I think I completed two quilts, completing the quilt in one month is a success.   I also had great results dying the flannel for the blue frame.  I am always amazed at how beautifully my Bernina handles machine quilting, so there are no little pleats or puckers on the back. 


The quilt is not rectangular.  It probably would be best described as a trapezoid.  I’m not sure how important this is to me, however, it isn’t going to win any quilt show awards.  I think this is due to the stretchiness of corduroy, a feature of corduroy I really wasn’t aware of until I made this quilt.  Also, the blue frames are wobbly.  Even though this wasn’t intentional, I kind of like it.  It already vibrates strongly with the contrast between it and the black and red, and then the varying line intensifies that vibration. 

Lessons learned:

Flannel is the best thing ever to dye.  It accepts color with great intensity.

Corduroy is super stretchy for a woven fabric.  That combined with the nap makes it kind of tough to deal with.  I’ll still use it although, because I do love texture.

The Bernina really can sew anything.

So that sums it up.  I know this post is a little disjointed but I wanted to tie up my loose thoughts on this quilt.

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