Thanks to Deanna for noticing that the quilt has an Amish palette, I’ ve overcome my initial confusion about the palette of the quilt.  I’ve also overdyed the most obnoxious colors. I didn’t get as big of color change as I would have liked.  I think there must be a special technique for dying silk with Procion colors that I have forgotten, because I got intense colors in college.  However, even though I wasn’t able to radically change the color, I was able to tone them down to an acceptable range.

I began this quilt as a crazy quilt.  I was sewing small bits of silk on a base of a worn sheet. Now, to speed things along I have been making some squares all one fabric.  The nature of silk makes me want to stabilize these squares, to increase the possibility of ending up with a quilt that is rectangular. I still want to have the great drape that silk has.  I’m thinking in the interest of speed of picking up some fusible interfacing to put on the back of the solid squares. Sewtropolis  sells a fusible muslin that would not really affect the drape. Part of me is resisting doing this.  I love the way the back of the quilt looks with the worn, nearly sheer sheet parts and hand stitching.  Yet I also know that I will add backing and batting to the quilt so besides my own knowlegde and any photos, there will be little evidence of this extra work in the finished quilt.

The second question is the white thread.  I happen to have some large spools of very thick thread.  If I don’t have any thread that I am saving to use for basting, I always use that thread because it is too thick to use in my sewing machine.  I can use it for my serger but I don’t serge very much and I have a ton of it.  When I was initially working on these blocks, I liked the way each block was outlined with the white thread.  Now as I start to think of the quilt as whole, when I put the blocks together I think the white basting thread will be distracting.  So if any shows outside the seam allowance I will have to pick it out.  I am switching to darker thread so if a little shows I won’t have to remove it.

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