I am no fan of snow.  But finally I found a winter sport I could get behind.  I saw some posts for snow dying and I got really excited.

Here’s a picture of my project right after I assembled it.

If you want to try it yourself there are two links:

Bloom, Bake & Create Snow Dyeing Part 1

Bloom, Bake & Create Snow Dyeing Part 2

I laid down several layers of fabric under the snow.  First, one of Eliott’s white t-shirts.

This turned out very well. There is nice blending, but the colors came out pretty intense.  The next layer I did was some plain muslin.  My son had stencilled on it: a flame, a staff and a snake; but besides that it was all off-white.

The blue line is the snake stencil.  I still had pretty intense colors and some blending, some sharp edges.  In this next photo, you can see the flame, the staff and the snake.

The bottom layer was some random white fabric.  I think it was a lining for a skirt.  It is probably a cotton/polyester blend.  It really didn’t accept the dye very well.  I believe this is the fiber content that caused this, not the process or the fact that was on the bottom.  Here’s the photos in any case:

I did like the process. It was very clean for a dyeing process, and I ended up with some intense colors.  Next time I will be more intentional about how I lay the dye down on the snow.  I also want to experiment by melting the snow more quickly to see if I get distinct snow-like patterns.

2 thoughts on “Finally a use for snow…

  1. I love this idea! Paul and I had a lot of fun tie-dying last summer, so he’ll be excited about this new trick!

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